February 6

May the Shift Be With You

Health & Wellness


Let’s be honest. Unfortunately, most people take their health and wellness for granted. We think that “we are okay” and that “nothing like that will happen to me.” We go through life programmed to do what society tells us…..right? We eat fast food, we walk through life busily and blindly without taking into consideration or even thinking about our daily actions. Why? Because that is what society and outside influnces have programmed us to do.

We get up, jump in the shower, use an abundance of toxin filled products on our bodies, on our hair, in our mouth, and on our face. Then we eat breakfast quickly, , not thinking about healthy choices and we are out the door……sound about right?

Days upon days of toxins and unhealthy food choices entering our bodies until we start to put on weight, feel sluggish and unwell. We may get sick more often and not be able to sleep at night.
Am I making any sense?

There is a better way, the Shift is Here. My passion is helping others live their best life by mentoring them and showing them that life can be filled with goodness, amazing health, wellness and abundance in all areas.

I look forward to meeting everyone at the New Earth Expo and sharing my wisdom!

Submitted By: Kandee Stadnyk

Kandee is a farm wife, busy mom, entrepreneur and Virtual Live Clean Lifestyle Coach. Her passion lies in helping men, women and families Live Clean for optimal health, wellness and financial abundance. She can not wait to meet you.


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