Communication with Your Angel Team Series – Article 1

Trusting Your Intuition on Your Journey

Article 1: Guardian Angels

Written by Cindy Smith AEP™

When it comes to trusting in your intuition, some people might ask why do I choose to begin these articles with talking about Guardian Angels? What does that have to do with my intuition? When I refer to trusting in my intuition and listening to my guidance I am referring to following the guidance of my Angel Team and myself.

“Who are my Guardian Angels?”

Yes, Guardian Angels are a gift from Creator for everyone on earth at birth; our own personal connection to Divine Energy. The word ‘Angel’ means messenger, therefore, regardless of our belief system or faith we are all connected to Higher Power. I refer to my intuition as my Angel Team, which includes my guardian angels and whichever Archangel vibration I have with me at that moment in time. They are always with you and a part of you. Guardian Angel energy has never been in life form; they are pure white light with no ego only Divine vibration. Your Guardian Angels never leave you. Once we receive the gift of a Guardian Angel they will always be with you regardless of your own belief system. We are never punished by our angels and they support us thru all good and trying times without any judgement. However, the biggest lesson for us to remember is to ASK for assistance or guidance from our Angel Team. We all have free will and our Angels are unable to intercede unless asked; except during a near death life experience and it is not our time to cross to the white light.

“How does intuition work with my Guardian Angels?”

When I trust in my intuition and listen to my guidance I am trusting in my Angel Team and myself. My Divine connection for self, my understanding of knowing without being taught, my gut feelings ring true, my thoughts are clear without question, and I see with purpose. This is what I believe is trusting in our Intuition.

“How can I listen to my Angels?”

You always have been, it is recognising how they communicate with you through all of our senses—thoughts or hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing. Trust me when I say, it does take some practice to discern between your ego and your Angel Team by asking and then being patient for the answers to be shown without the inner self-doubt. Once you begin find the difference it can make a difference on your healing journey.

Look forward to sharing about Archangel Vibration in the next Article.

Cindy Smith, AEP


Cindy Smith, founder of Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification Course™ and co-founder with Dr. Carl Le Roux of the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program.

Cindy assists individuals to understand how easy it is to trust in their own intuition and Divine Guidance, and with Angel Empowerment tools how to own health and wellness by healing and harmonizing every aspect of life and ultimately trusting in self.

With a background in nursing and counseling, a Masters in NLP, Cindy teaches from a wealth of concrete information combined with her intuitive gifts to present a balanced, skilled approach to Angel Empowerment. Cindy’s life purpose and passion is to teach and states, “One of the most powerful experiences for me as an instructor/healer is to witness individuals ‘Move from I can’t too I can.’”

Cindy is in an instructor/author/inspirational speaker/healer and has recorded over 20 Guided Meditations.

Loving Your Ego

Loving Your Ego

Learning to Love your Ego is a long process.  The first step is identifying it and appreciating that it is an integral part of you.  We all have little voices in our heads – you aren’t crazy!  When you hear the voices, start trying to define them and you are well on your way to differentiating between your Ego, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Remember when you were small, and your parent could make you feel even smaller by saying they were disappointed in you, that you weren’t living up to your potential?  Ego has a little recording studio and will often use your parents’ voices to remind you that you are not all you think you are.  But that doesn’t make it true.  That doesn’t make it valid.  You have to realize that as you have grown, every step you have taken is one toward being your better self, living your life’s purpose and doing the very best you can with what you have.  When you allow that self-talk come in and mess up what you are now doing, you are giving your Ego too much power.

Our Ego, the “disapproving parent”, often responds based on fear, or feelings of lack of control of a situation.  Ego is the voice that says you look chubby in that dress, or that you shouldn’t try something for fear of failure or potential embarrassment.  When you hear your ego, try to remember that it is not always right.  You are much too hard on yourself and the measures it takes to keep you ‘safe’ are often contrary to what you really want or need to do.

Ego also has a hair trigger in regard to those things you feel would potentially hurt you.  It will cause rampant thoughts and work you into quite a frenzy over the littlest things.

We all have a rational mind, but usually don’t use it in regard to these little things, and then find ourselves worrying and stressed over things that really don’t deserve our attention.  Learning to identify where you personally fly off the handle, or move to emotion too quickly, can help you to better live in grace.

Taking things very personally is sign that your Ego is taking over too much.  Nothing happens to you, it happens around you, and how you deal with it, is very much your choice.  When someone pushes your buttons, take a moment to reflect why you are responding in the manner you are.  Are they reflecting something back to you that you and your Ego don’t admire about yourself?  Can you step back and realize that what they have said is coming from their reality and their perception, and really not about YOU at all?  Being able to step out of Ego is one of the most important things you need to learn in order to feel happy.

We also have our own personal cheerleading squad, a.k.a your Spirit Guides & Angels.  You will find yours conveniently located in your subconscious supporting you, using your own intuition and connecting you to your higher self.

When you are faced with a brilliant idea or perhaps a challenge, and Ego steps up to say “don’t do it!” you have the ability to calm your mind, lovingly say “Ego, please step aside while I sort this out”.  Ego will, with practice, step aside so you can have a calm, loving and positive conversation with your cheerleading squad.

So after a day of learning to connect with your higher self, you snuggle into your bed and then it happens, “Monkey Brain” has kicked in and un-snuggling has commenced…  You lay there, sorting out the day’s events, yesterday’s events and the day before that, generating chaos and creating anxiety for the day to come.  This, again, is your Ego in full motion.

It’s all good though!  It truly believes it’s keeping you safe.  Seriously.  Remedy:  simply say “Thank you Ego, I appreciate all you do for me and now please go away”.  Now you can just relax your mind and body and receive restful messages from the Angels and Guides that you are indeed in control, good things are coming your way, and you can solve any issue that has been set before you.  This will take some practice, the Ego doesn’t come with an on/off switch, but trust me you can build one.

Ego also lets us take credit for those things we should be grateful for.  Starting to identify when we are coming from Ego instead of coming from a place of grace is also good practice for learning to sort out our thoughts.

When someone says “Job well done”, and you automatically say something back like “it wasn’t a big deal, anyone could have done it”, you have now started to let your Ego define our self-worth.  This is not a good thing.  If indeed it wasn’t a big deal, and anyone could have done it, then why did you?  Step into grace and thank people instead.  Resist the need to provide a compliment back as well unless you earnestly mean it.  You have to learn to receive gratitude and say thank you in a graceful way or you are letting Ego take over.

Again, learning to Love your Ego can be a long process but now you have some new tools in your evolutionary accessory kit. The first step is identifying it and appreciating that it is an integral part of you.  It has helped to shape you thus far.  Love it even though it sometimes undermines your confidence, and step up and embrace the other voices in your head that give you love, healing and understanding.  You have everything you need already within you to assist you on your path of living joyfully and with purpose.  Love your Ego!  It has a purpose, it has a place, and it loves you back!

So, stand in your personal power, pull the strength from your Solar Plexus Chakra, and instead ask the Angels and Guides to show you how it will work, how it can work, and how you can be successful.