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Are you ready to grow your business in a positive, open-minded community?

Have you got the products and services to shift culture and health?

Are you looking for increased exposure, expanding your visibility in the marketplace?

Become an Exhibitor at the New Earth Expo

The New Earth Expo exists to showcase local businesses, bold entrepreneurs, and talented artisans. In other words, we’re here to promote businesses just like yours:

  • Traditional and alternative healing;
  • Natural health & wellness clinics;
  • Eco-friendly living and household products;
  • Spiritual discovery and development;
  • Holistic lifestyle and fashion;
  • Exciting wellness technologies;
  • Wellness influencers and educators.

Whatever your vision for humanity, body mind spirit—you deserve a positive, proven platform.
You’ll find all of that and more at The New Earth Expo.

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SEPTEMBER 25 - 27, 2020

OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2020

FEBRUARY 26 - 28, 2021


Become a part of the success

Since 2014, The New Earth Expo has seen year-over-year growth and attendance, making us one of the fastest growing holistic expos in Canada.

Now hosted in 3 cities, The New Earth Expo guarantees you a supportive, energetic, and investment-worthy consumer show.

What makes our shows so successful?

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming space for our exhibitors. A place where holistic entrepreneurs, businesses, and educators can create genuine connections with enthusiastic, wellness-minded, and adventurous clients.

Expo visitors have come to holistically enhance their lives and spend their money. And you’re there to meet them. See the smiles, feel the energy, be a part of a dynamic, growing community…

Welcome to the New Earth Expo!

Your Holistic-Wellness Weekend Experience

Not sure if The New Earth Expo experience is worth your investment? Successful businesses bank on longevity. Your growth over the long term means you’ve got to be seen.

Being an exhibitor gets you access to:

Thousands of visitors and hundreds of face-to-face client interactions—increasing your visibility, clientele, and opportunities to sell

Supportive and knowledgeable event organizers—with year-over-year proven growth, we coach and guide in how to have a successful booth

Effective, grassroots marketing—you have a say in the outcome of each expo, reaching a highly targeted market

Rates to meet your needs and budget—choose from 6 space sizes with flexible payment plans…all starting at $550 (some of the most competitive rates in the industry!)


A community of holistic professionals—network with motivated entrepreneurs, learn what works, and where you can grow.

  • Stand-out visibility—we only accept 2 exhibitors of any ‘like’ service, giving you greater exposure and our expo guests more variety

We’re Here for You

Being an entrepreneur and business owner has challenges—we aren’t one of them.

Each of our exhibitors comes with a product, service, and vision. Just like you, they see the potential in connecting with more people and being a part of a positive, healthy, and uplifted marketplace. Just like you, they know that their growth is their’s to manifest.

If you’re struggling to:

• gain greater exposure

• make your marketing dollars work for you

• take your business to the next level…  

The New Earth Expo may be your best next step.

Invest in your continued growth and co-create a community of wellness. Whether it’s your first expo, or you're already a part of the family, we work hard to make sure you’re supported.

Coaching, tips and hacks, resources for getting the most out of an expo weekend…our organizers are here for you.

Year after year our exhibitors experience the value of the attending our one-of-a-kind expo.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Great traffic, wonderful people and excellent returns!

The New Earth Expo is well known in the spiritual community, for attracting the most talented vendors and bringing in clients from all walks of life.

Everything about this event is well thought out and professionally managed.

Love is in the air at New Earth Expo!

Kim Wuirch, Author, Healing Facilitator

Great traffic, wonderful people and excellent returns!

I always ensure that I book all the upcoming New Earth Expos.

Gail Stamp and her team do everything in their power to improve traffic, meet vendor needs and provide an amazing experience for everyone.

I intend to be a constant fixture at the New Earth Expo in every city. Great traffic, wonderful people and excellent returns. Blessings

Michelle Eskdale, AEP, Healing Facilitator


SEPTEMBER 25 - 27, 2020

OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2020

FEBRUARY 26 - 28, 2021

Simple and Effective Grassroots Marketing

Visitors to the New Earth Expo are investing in a holistic lifestyle. They’re adventurous, fun, and motivated.

They’re also a highly targeted market. Seeking out and spending their money on wellness, self development, and life & lifestyle enhancing products and services.

And, they can be your guest—for free.

Every year, we provide each of our exhibitors with hundreds of complimentary passes.

When you become an exhibitor at The New Earth Expo, you get access to $1200 in “Complimentary VIP Passes” and a “PROMO” link for your website and social media.

By sharing your complimentary passes, you magnify your marketing power. By working together, we attract thousands of enthusiastic and highly targeted expo visitors.

At The New Earth Expo, we want to co-create an event where everyone feels welcome.

Looking for a boost?

Every year, The New Earth Expo publishes 7000+ copies, of our trade-show magazine per event.

Delivered to wellness businesses, coffee shops, grocery stores, and distributed at the show, our expo magazine leaves a lasting impression…and can give you an even greater reach.

Choose from 6 advertising options and be seen!


The New Earth Expo exists to promote businesses
just like yours.

Whether you’re a new exhibitor or a returning member of the New Earth family, we want you at the expo!

Share your products, services, and vision.

Grow your visibility.

Join a community.


SEPTEMBER 25 - 27, 2020

OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2020

FEBRUARY 26 - 28, 2021

What our visitors say about us...

Abundance of Wonderful Energy

"From the moment I arrived at the New Earth Expo I was met with an abundance of wonderful energy. Excitement filled the entire building from start to finish.

All the participants and vendors did an outstanding job and everywhere you looked there were smiling faces which made everybody feel welcomed and accepted. I was extremely happy to be part of the New Earth Expo and can't wait to see what this years Expo brings!

Thank you Gail Stamp and her team for a great weekend."

Syenna Synclaire, Cochrane, AB

Everyone was dancing, clapping and singing - the energy was great!"

"I came to the New Earth Expo with my girlfriends and we had a wonderful time.

There were many different vendors which made being there fun and interesting all at the same time.

We had our faces read, aura pictures done and met lots of different vendors with all sorts of product and healing techniques.

One of my favorite parts of the expo was the Mob Dance. Everyone was dancing, clapping and singing - the energy was great!"

Michelle Orich, Red Deer, AB

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