Join Us in Calgary!
September 28 - 30, 2018

There is something for everyone in searching for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle at The New Earth Expo in Calgary, AB.​
It’s a fantastic fun day out, filled with new experiences, presentations, demonstrations, entertainment, learning, expert advice and more.​

Here's just a few things you can look forward to when you come to the Expo:

Natural Soaps and Lotions


Animal Health

New Age Products

Psychic Reading​s

Chiropractic sessions


​Massage Therapy

Aura Camera Reading​

Tibetan Medicine​

​Massage Therapy

Healing Technology

Quantum Sound Healing​

Nutrition Advice

Complimentary Presentations

​Jewelry Gemstones & Crystals

Crystal Healing Teachers

Reiki Sessions​

Crafts from Tibet

Health Suppliments

Bamboo Clothing



Health Eats & Treats

​Hand Crafted Art

Come to The New Earth Expo and Experience Your Body Mind Spirit Connection...


Dr. Eric Pearl

They say your life can change overnight. That was certainly true for Dr. Eric Pearl. “One day I was a chiropractor and the next day I was something else,” says Eric. Overnight, Eric had found the ability to connect with energy and work with it to heal people. Today this is known worldwide as Reconnective Healing.

Now recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can last a lifetime. As a result, feeling compelled to teach others, Eric’s work has taken him to over 100 countries and has affected millions of people. Eric’s hope is that one day everyone will learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others.

Featured in Top Media

Dr. Eric Pearl has been featured in top media including The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times and CNN. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in over 39 languages, and has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, MD.

More Great Presenters...

  • Michelle Eskdale
  • Samaria Cardinal
  • Sharon Carne
  • Bill Little
  • Serge Mazerand
  • Amchi Kunga Chodak

Michelle Eskdale

Michelle Eskdale Gruendel, AAEP, CCH, Reiki Master, is the founder of MoonLightWorkers. Her interest in alternative health practices resulted in her first seeking Reiki. A powerful experience she had while carrying one of her sons resulted in the realization that this was something that Michelle not only wanted to experience, but also to pass to others through becoming a practitioner in 2006.

Usui Reiki Master

It wasn’t long before she felt the desire to be certified at both her second and third levels. In the spring of 2009, Michelle completed her training as a Usui Reiki Master. In 2010, Michelle felt a calling to study under Cindy Smith, AEP(tm) and quickly earned her Basic and Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner(tm) Designation. Connecting you with your Spirit Guides and Angels can have a tremendous healing affect. As of 2013, Michelle is now a Certified Crystal Healer with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and incorporates information on crystals into her reading and her classes.

An Intuitive Reader

Michelle is an Intuitive Angel Card Intuitive Reader and teacher, who empowers those she connects with to get on their spiritual path, and learn about their Intuitive Gifts. We all have gifts that we were given in order to navigate our lifetime.

A true believer in the Law of Attraction, Michelle was packaged from her corporate job of over 8 years, and 30 years in customer service, to pursue her passion as an Intuitive Angel Reader.

The Universe Provides

She kept trusting that if it was truly the right path for her, the Universe would provide. And indeed it has.  After 3 great years running her own business, she continues to see growth in opportunities and connections, and for this reason, she lovingly supports her single parent home with two loving teenage boys. She loves the flexibility of being both an entrepreneur and a stay at home mom.

An Intuitive Teacher

Michelle has a real passion for teaching people how to work with their Intuitive Gifts! Through her own personal spiritual growth, came the realization that we are all very intuitive, and that we’re getting in our own way!

Being a self-proclaimed Metaphysical hoarder, gathering crystals, books, decks and other methods of divination, she consequently wanted to learn the secrets of using these tools and help others in their healing journey. In 2010, Michelle connected with a great teacher who learned from Doreen Virtue, and had a profound experience during her group mediation. Her Guardian Angel told her that she was meant to learn to use her Intuitive Gifts, to help and heal others.

The beginning of a passion

All things considered, the beginning of this passion was created. Michelle feels that learning about your Intuitive gifts and learning to trust them is the very foundation to helping you live your best life. She will share with you ways to identify your Intuitive gifts, how to work that ‘muscle’ and trust what flows to you. The more we rely on our intuition, and trust that we are on our right path, the easier our life will get.

2017 Presentations and Demonstrations

  • Friday Complimentary
    Presentations & demos
  • Saturday  complimentary
  • Sunday Complimentary

11:15 am

Join us as we open the Expo with Tracy Gawley and Lisa Weleschuk of “Tracy’s Vision”,
for an experience of heart opening and awakening.

Using simple mantras that can elevate one’s consciousness into their heart space, everyone will be invited to sing along and experience the sacredness of their own essential ground of being.

​ To learn more about Tracy's vision, visit
Click here to listen...

12:00 - 12:15 - Val Jackson

Discover the Revitalizing Power of Light Therapy

Are you suffering from poor circulation, pain, inflammation or stress related ailments?

Join Val Jackson and discover how In Light Wellness Systems are changing the face of Medicine - How this healing technology has proven to be beneficial to professionals in a clinic setting and to people at home as a part of continuing therapy.

12:30 - 1:00 - Michelle Eskdale

10 Steps to Knowing Your Intuitive Self

Michelle Eskdale is an Intuitive Angel Card Intuitive Reader and teacher, who empowers those she connects with to get on their spiritual path, and learn about their Intuitive Gifts. We all have gifts that we were given in order to navigate our lifetime.

Michelle has a real passion for teaching people how to work with their Intuitive Gifts! Through her own personal spiritual growth, came the realization that we are all very intuitive, and that we’re getting in our own way!

Join Michelle to learn 10 Steps to Knowing Your Intuitive Self

1:15 - 2:15 - Sharon Carne

Tune Up Your Holistic Practice with Sound Wellness

These are challenging times. Is growing your holistic practice a challenge for you? Sound integrates seamlessly with so many modalities or stands on its own as a powerful way to support healing.

Join Sharon Carne to explore how working with sound can help you:

· Tune up your cash flow.

· Stand out so your services get noticed.

· Stay strong with stellar self care tools that also work with clients.

2:30 - 3:00 - Bill Little

What is the journey of love, awakening and consciousness really all about anyways?

Come join Bill Little, owner and visionary of Clearly Conscious, on stage as he shares his perspective on what all the hubbub is about, how that applies to your life and how your journey can be accelerated using sound and scalar energy.

3:00 - 5:00

BOOK SIGNING with Dr. Eric Pearl in Booth 5!





3:15 - 3:45 - Samaria Cardinal

You are not your label. Find your inner power.

Join Samaria as she shares with you her journey of self-transformation. From a life of victimhood to one of healer and spiritual warrior she explains how, through the practices of Chakradance, Shamanic Dance, Pranic Healing and Reiki of which she is a Master, how she overcame her life challenges and now assists others in their transitional journey of stepping into their power.

4:00 - 4:15 - Katrina Psychic~Medium

Learn, Love & Laugh with Katrina Psychic – Medium

Katrina is an international Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Certified Life Coach Motivational Speaker and has her Ministerial Bachelors Degree.

Got questions? Are you Psychic?

Come and find out the answers to those questions and so much more… No two presentations are the same because Katrina shares what she get from Spirit. This includes a demonstration where a few audience members will get messages from ‘Loved Ones’ on the ‘Other side’.

Stampede Park
Big Four Building, Hall B

1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB

  • Event Info
  • Exhibitors
  • floor Plan

Our 2017 Fall List of Exhibitors:

Booth Exhibitor
1Joyful Promotions
2Total Orthotics
3The Spirit of Oneness
4The Spirit of Oneness
6Free Spirit Healing
7Katrina Psychic-Medium
8Full Circle
9CRLC Artisan Guild
10CRLC Artisan Guild
11CRLC Artisan Guild
12Share International
13Gems and Junipers
14Adina Gifts
15Nathan's Orgone Devices
16Dragonfly Jewels
17Beloved Healing Arts
18Hope Natural Wellness - Doterra
19Divine Mine
20Divine Mine
21Whispering Energetic Healing
22Heat'n Click
23TENS Machine
24Bella Bella by Daniella
25Amaryllis Crystal Garden
26Amaryllis Crystal Garden
27Circles of Nature
28My Irth Store / Ignite Me Now
29Traditional Tibetan Medicine
30Precious Malas
31Tigress Empowerment Group
33The Samadhi Tree Center for Conscious Living
34Spirit of the River Healing
35Young Living
37Mind with matter
38MoonLily Wellness
39Full Potential Chiropractic
402 Red Feathers Health on Earth
41Farend Natural Products Ltd.
42Tony Hornick's Sprout Grower
43Spirit of the River Healing
44Panorama Holistic
45Firma Wear
46Silver Cove
47Silver Cove
48Organique Cosmetics Inc.
50Silver Cove
51Silver Cove
52Thrive Life
53Redfern Ent. Ltd.
54Clearly Conscious Energetics
55Lil Shop of Fairies
56A Little Taste of Country 
57A Little Taste of Country 
59Rodan & Fields
61Luminous Wellness
62Melissa Smith Nutrition
63Bubbles & Balms
64Kate King Jewellery
65Kate King Jewellery
66Optimum Wellness Centres
67Navigating the Dream
68Keys to Serenity
70Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy
71Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy
72Sherry Trentini, Life & Grief Coach
73Organo Coffee
75Lozman RSL Canada Inc.
76Lozman RSL Canada Inc.
77The Lotus Centre House of Healing
79Planted Rocks Terrariums and Supplies
80Wild Heart Beads
81Crafts of Tibet
Reading Room
RR1Angela Only Enterprises
RR2Everyone's Energy, A div. of Victoria Markham Prod
RR4Mystic Lady
RR5Cartomancer Craig

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  1. Hello beautiful light,
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    Also the detail about booth sizes and cost 🙂

    In love and light, Jolene Tse

    • Hi Jolene,

      We have no plans for a Spring show in Calgary but will definitely be there Sept 28 – 30, 2018. For details on Exhibitor costs etc. you can either fill out our Exhibitor Enquiry form or just give me a call.

      My number is 1-888-559-7787.

      Thanx a bunch and have a wonderful day!

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