Welcome to the New Earth Expo. We are so proud and honoured to be part of this community gathering of like -minded conscious leaders who choose to live and stand for truth and what the New Earth embodies.

My name is Gail Stamp and I am the owner/operator aka Lead Instigator of The New Earth Expo.

I’ve always had an interest in event management and a few years ago I was in a position of ‘in between’ jobs so to speak. Although semi-retired, I was bored silly and wanted something to do. Common sense prevailed as it occurred to me that I had been approached by several friends and business associates to create a trade show in the health & wellness and metaphysical industry. It made perfect sense to me to do what was in demand. Although not an easy task I was willing to give it a go.

Since making that decision, there’s no been no looking back. The New Earth Expo set roots in Calgary, AB in 2014 and do we have plans for  expansion? Of course we do. Stay tuned…  🙂

Choosing to create this Expo has been a dream of mine and it truly comes from my heart. These last few years have been full of adventure and inner growth. I have had the opportunity to meet strong business people and bring them together to create this wonderful event.

The New Earth Expo was created with this intent: to share the gathered knowledge and experience of the many who have dedicated their lives to the benefit of our planet and people as a whole. Join our community and prosper...

Blessings and enjoy The New Earth Expo.


Hi there! My name is Catherine Lundrigan, and here at The New Earth Expo my position within the team is that of Sales, Exhibitor Relations Extraordinaire! I love my job – what more can I say?

I remember when I first heard that The New Earth Expo was an actual idea, and a show that was coming into fruition. As a home based business owner myself with Spirit of the River Healing, I was very excited to hear that Gail’s Expo was created, and was going to start up in Calgary. I signed up right away for the very first show, and it was amazing! It was a totally different atmosphere from any show I had ever done before.  

There was such a great feeling of community, and it just grows with each and every show!

After doing so many shows time after time, and doing really great with my own business within the Metaphysical field at The New Earth Expo I was super excited to be able to jump on board with Gail in November 2015. You see I knew I wanted to go back to school, and after doing a lot of research into what kind of courses that I could do that would assist me to have a great career, and also have it blend with what I already do for business – The Event Management course at Mount Royal University seemed like the perfect fit.

I was causally mentioning this to Gail in conversation one day, and the light bulbs went off over both of our heads! It was a no brainer for both of us that this was a great business idea for both of us! Gail immediately offered me the job (even though Sales has never been my forte – unless you count those 6 months that I worked in the shoe department at The Bay in the ‘90’s), and I immediately accepted! Even though I assist with sales in The New Earth Expo, I still have my own booth at most of the shows. I love how I can do my passion with my own business, and how well it flows with my New Earth position. How lucky am I to be working in the field that my schooling applies with right off the bat!

I love my job! I love connecting with business owners who have something great to share with the community that has changed their lives. I love hearing about new items, new modalities, new home made products, and I love the excitement that comes with these business owners when they tell me how doing The New Earth Expo has opened doors to them that they never knew existed! It’s a great feeling when you can assist someone step into their own Awesomeness!

I am so lucky, and blessed, to be part of this wonderful community!


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