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We are a Health and Wellness Expo - Your Complete Body Mind Spirit Connection

We are a Health and Wellness Expo and our mission is to create a positive change in the world by gathering together a community of individuals.

 A community whose focus is therefore based on the many areas of  Health & Wellness including Alternative Healing Practices,
Physical, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Nutritional, Environmental, Holistic and more.

We are pleased to present Dr. Eric Pearl

Become a leader in Energy Healthcare no matter your background.

Learn about a new and dynamic level of healing that transcends technique, frees you from complex rituals and fear-based protections.
Especially relevant, this is an amazing demonstration of healing that you can easily learn to do for yourself and for others
– no matter what your background.
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Eric is an amazing man with the superb gift of healing.

John Edward - Psychic-Medium; author of What if God were the Sun?

Reconnective Healing, above all else, is a way of remembering the healing power that exists in all of us, a power that is as available and easy as taking a breath.

Minnie Driver - Actor & singer-songwriter

Join Dr. Pearl for An Introduction to Reconnective Healing

Discover how to access this new and evolved level of healing.

Hear the history, theory and scientific research and tap into this unique vibrational bandwidth of energy, light and
information to inform, guide, heal, transform and reconnect your life.  
In addition, Dr. Pearl will give live demonstrations on audience volunteers.
Learn more about Reconnective Healing here



Sponsors & Supporters of The New Earth Expo

We are always grateful for our sponsors, individuals and companies who show their support in many ways.  
As a result, whether it be though presenting, financial or complimentary tickets, our sponsors each assist
in the continued growth and success of  The New Earth Expo.  

What Others are Saying About Us...

A Testimonial from Andrea Sahadath of Clearly Conscious Energetics

Why attend and exhibit at The New Earth Expo?

What I love particularly about what's created with Gail and The New  Earth Expo is the sense of community.  
When you're working a trade show your there to meet like like minded people, connect with people and introduce the world to what your sharing...

Learn more about Clearly Conscious Energetic here.

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